About Us

The face behind the business.
I’m Mike, and I’m a lifelong pleasure angler.
I sea fish, coarse fish, fly fish, lure fish, and very occasionally carp fish. I’m not particularly good at any of them, but love being on or by the water.
I decided to start Seabay Marketplace after spending days online going through different websites and tackle shops to find a replacement deadbait rod.
I wished that there was a single resource for anglers, which would incorporate all online tackle retailers, and anglers wishing to sell on used tackle. After searching the Internet, I realised that no such resource existed, so I decided to try to make one.
The site comprises of a free to use marketplace for new and used fishing tackle, events, and bait, along with a forum to allow anglers to share information and knowledge.
I have very limited experience in Web development and this is my first website, but I will make it as user friendly and helpful as possible.
Please feel free to visit the site and give me your feedback to help develop the site further, and improve the chances of success.
Thanks for your support.